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This Canadian-Danish "War" May Be The Cutest Dispute In History

The war over a piece of frozen rock.

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So here's Hans Island, eh? It's an uninhabited land that sits in the territorial waters of both Canada and Denmark. Both countries have claimed sovereignty over this teeny tiny land.

Google Maps

The island sits on the Kennedy Channel of Nares Strait. The nearest residents are from Alert, Nunavut (Canada), and Siorapaluk, Qaanaaq (Greenland).

And it's caused one of the cutest, and pettiest, disputes between two nations.


This ignited a "whisky war." When Canadian military are on the island, they leave a bottle of Canadian Club with a note: "Welcome to Canada." And when Danish people are there, they remove Canada's flag, and leave a bottle of schnapps.


THEN, some decades later, a Canadian man spotted a Google ad that read: "Does Hans sound Canadian? Danish name, Danish island." The man then bought another ad on Google, and wrote "Hans Island is Canadian." This was dubbed the great "Google war."

"To my knowledge this is the first time that a squabble has ever broken out between two nations on Google," the man, from Toronto, told Reuters.

However, recently, academics from both countries have tried to wage some peace and proposed turning the piece of land into some co-owned venture.

Cricket noises immediately followed this very rational proposal.

While there is still no clear cut ~solution~ to this endearing spat, we all know how this could play out if their more-aggressive-counterpart-nations got involved...