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The 27 Raddest Gwen Stefani Music Video Looks Of All Time

Here's to decades of midriffs. Happy birthday!

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1. In "Just A Girl", when she made cropped tees and baggy track pants so badass.

2. When she kept it unpredictable with this outfit combination in "Underneath It All".

3. And then dared to give us this iconic little number.

People who can pull off the scarf-garter-fishnet-leotard-dress look:

1. Gwen

2. Not you

4. When she donned diamonds for the most effortlessly casual-glam photoshoot in the "Don't Speak" video.

5. That was followed by a grungy DIY tank and 90s strap raver pants.

With literal rope attached to her mic, because Gwen Stefani.

6. When she wore her bikini over a fishnet top in "Hey Baby", and it strangely, perfectly worked.

7. When she somehow pulled off both edge and class in "Sunday Morning".

While STILL managing to give us the signature midriff.

8. Every single look from the "It's My Life" video, like this satin top (with shoulder fur trim) and trapeze pants.

9. And this look, moments before POISONING a man.

10. And drowning another. As she sashays away in a nude lingerie romper and a pearl chocker necklace. AS SHE DOES.

11. The best of '90s No Doubt Gwen. Via "Bathwater".

12. When she preceded all other pop stars' pink 'dos by rocking it in "Simple Kind Of Life".

13. When she, again, preceded all the kiddies shaving off the side of their heads by doing it in "Hella Good".

14. When she officially convinced us bikinis could be tops in "Let Me Blow Ya Mind".

15. When she played the most polished jailbird in "The Sweet Escape".

16. Her beanie-cut-off-tank-track-jacket-argyle-legging-with-leather-belt-without-belt-loops look in "Rich Girl".

17. And then this ornate headpiece.

18. When she was the living emobidiment of "Cool".

And worked the shit out of her elaborate and effortless updo.

19. When her beanie/cut-off tank pairing made another appearance in "Hollaback Girl".

20. But then introduced the first and only "B-A-N-A-N-A-S" marching band suit.

21. In "Wind It Up", when she did Gaga before Gaga did Gaga.

22. In "Luxurious", when she gave us a how-to on fabulous.

23. And the nexus of Gwen Stefani's cool, kooky and downright costumey music video looks: "What You Waiting For?"

Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, brought to Gwen's level.

24. As twin Mad Hatter-esses:

25. As her own lavish interpretation of Alice:

26. And, of course, as the boss bitch Queen of Hearts:

27. So, to other celebs trying to push the ~edge~? Take notes.

Gwen is the coolest thing since her own cut-off crop tops.

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