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    19 Gross Dessert Ideas To Make A Sick Halloween

    Guaranteed to make you lose your sweet tooth. Some are not even in the spirit of Halloween, which is terrifying.

    1. This ode to childbirth.

    2. These bloodied bandaid strip hors d'oeuvres.

    3. This tray of edible kitty litter.



    4. These Q-tip marshmallows.


    Oh yeah, because you wanted to eat EARWAX.

    5. This plate of jello in the mold of a human brain.

    T-Bags / Via

    Albeit a spirited Halloween party idea, but nope.

    6. This rodent cookie with cream cheese innards.


    *repeated heaving motion*

    7. These chocolate hazelnut ravioli trying to be food porn.

    8. This artfully plated ice cream dessert con worms.

    Zagat / Via

    An actual dessert menu item offered at a restaurant in San Francisco. They also serve other popular foods à la bugs.

    9. This soupy gelatinous pot of really wrong.


    Just no. Not even approp for Halloween.

    10. This tray of intestine puff pastries.



    11. This other tray of intestines/cherry pie.


    Nope again.

    12. This pumpkin puking pumpkin.

    13. These giant raisin roaches.

    14. This plate of human heart.

    15. Yes, these unborn fetus cookies exist.


    Why. So many other shapes to choose from.

    16. These piles of shit cookies.

    17. These literal finger foods.

    18. This culinary inventor's "toxic waste" banana pudding.

    19. And finally, THIS.

    Stephan Betins / Via


    Note from the author: I'm so sorry.