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    Jul 23, 2014

    16 Google Searches That Reveal Canada's Unfriendly Regional Stereotypes


    1. Not a whole lot of great things are said about people from Toronto.

    2. And, apparently, Vancouverites are just like Torontonians — just more shallow.

    3. The rest of Canada has a ...complicated relationship with Quebec.

    4. Calgary's reputation is not all that cute, either.

    5. Albertans are cattle-herding-oil-tycoon-cowboys...???

    6. A lot of baffling assumptions are made about les Montréalaises.

    7. Winnipeg is a tundra in an undisclosed location.

    8. ...full of very nice cheapskates.

    9. Saskatoon seems like one of the more hopeful, happy places.

    10. Mississauga only exists in relation to Toronto.

    11. And most people tend to ...shit on Hamilton.

    12. Folks are generally confused by Victoria.

    13. Whereas Edmonton has one consistent result.

    14. (Guys, a little harsh, eh?)

    15. Newfoundland's rep is a very sad mixed bag.

    16. And no one even has an opinion about Ottawa :(

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