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16 Hilarious Public Signs That Prove Canadians Don't Give Eh Fuck

Formalities Shmormalities.

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1. This public notice to dog-owners in Vancouver.

2. And this one to skaters in the park.

3. This important second by Toronto park officials.

4. This notice posted to parents of tiny hockey players in Calgary.

5. This warning to geese everywhere. French ones too. Especially the French ones.

6. This sign in Edmonton to ward off illegal parking.

7. And this sign from their World Of Science centre for impatient patrons.

8. This fitting "no smoking" reminder at Edmonton's Jurassic Forest.

9. These additional signs with additional information about Dundurn, Saskatchewan.

10. Winnipeg's way of warning large vehicles coming through.

11. This humble and honest welcome sign to Rennie, Manitoba.

12. This knee-slapper "no cash" sign in a store in Prince Edward Island.

13. An important official reminder to addicts in Halifax.

14. This construction zone notice in Toronto.

15. And finally, this sweary sign — and a civilian's clean vandalism — on Vancouver Island.

16. 0 pucks given.