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17 Things That Can Tear Apart Any Friendship In Canada

You eat it with a spoon?! You’ve gotta be KD-ing me.

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2. What the best and most efficient vehicle for consuming KD is.

There are 2 different kinds of people in this world: those who eat KD with a spoon and those who eat it with a fork

I've known lily for 7 years I have been eating kd at her house for 7 years & she still doesn't know I USE A FORK NOT A SPOON


*Personal note: Sarah eats KD with a spoon, I eat KD with a fork. We are no longer friends. It was a mutual parting.

Ryan gosling and rachel mcadams are meant for each other. They're both Canadian and hella attractive which equals to attractive children.

5. For friends on the West Coast: Whether The Rockies should belong to Alberta or British Columbia...

Above: Beautiful Mount Assiniboine on the British Columbia/Alberta line... who to attribute all dat beauty and natural wonder to.... who.... who.....


8. For Toronto friends: Whether or not [a disputed borough/suburb] is actually a part of Toronto.

BuzzFeed Canada / Google Maps

If you're from inner-city Toronto, the answer is almost always no.

If you're from a borough/suburb, the answer is almost always yes.


13. Whether or not it's better to be too hot or too cold.

These conversations usually take place during transitional seasons, where you wish hell upon the friend who wished for the colder/hotter climates.

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