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13 Canadian Fast Food Menu Items Americans Don't Have

AKA 13 stoner reasons to move to Canada.

1. American fast food chains all make their own version of the country's favourite munchie: poutine. McDonald's has theirs.

What's better than McDonald's famously and mysteriously addicting fries? Their fries avec melty gravy and cheese curds.

2. Wendy's has one.

Same with classic thick-cut Wendy's fries.

3. Both Carl's Jr. and KFC have one.

Carl's Jr. Canada

4. Pizza Hut has a pizza one.!/menu?id=c119a49b-1fe3-498a-a332-b300c67e6953

Called the "Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza". If you were wondering why your pizza always felt underwhelming, it's probably because it was missing an entire layer of poutine on top.

5. And Burger King has three: the classic poutine, the bacon poutine...


Burger meets poutine: fries, ground beef patty, pickles, ketchup, gravy, mustard, french fries, cheese curds.

7. KFC Canada offers something called the "Big Boss".

KFC Canada

Take your standard American KFC fried chicken sandwich. And double everything.

8. Taco Bells won't make you choose between fries or nachos.

9. The Burger King Maple BBQ Whopper: the burger embodiment of a Canadian pothead.

Burger King Canada

This one was only offered for a limited time unfortunately.

10. You'll be able to just have a "Traditional Breakfast", ou « petit déjeuner traditionnel», in Quebec McDonald's.

Because French-Canadians keep with traditional. Even in the McDonald's breakfast drive-thru lane.

11. You'll also need to try the country's exclusive and elusive McDonald's "McLobster".

McDonald's seasonal lobster sandwich, the "McLobster", is only served up north. Reason remains unknown.

12. Same with Subway's "Lobster Sandwich".

Subway Restaurants Canada


A Wendy's in Manitoba dared to offer this gargantuan burger that retailed for $21.99. Apparently, the burger (which reportedly clocked in at 3000 calories, 200 grams of fat and 6000 milligrams of sodium) wasn't condoned by Wendy's HQ and eventually got taken off the menu. Only in Manitoba amirite.

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