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This Magical Ice Castle In Edmonton Will Literally Take Your Breath Away

It's spine-chilling.

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The city of Edmonton, Alberta has just created the most spellbinding ice castle to which all other winter wonderlands will now be compared.

And it will — quite literally — take your breath away.

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The castle is constructed with massive cascading icicles that were created from more than 3 kilometres of sprinkers.

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And various "rooms" and tunnels that were even thoughtfully carved out for people to wander and explore.

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There's even a THRONE so you can channel your inner ice queen.

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And truly imagine what Game Of Thrones would be like if it were set in Canada.


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The castle is lined with synchronized lights by night, and becomes wondrously ghostly.

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And by day you are Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia, reigning and surveying your land.

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And welcoming in your peasant snow fairy friends.

If there is one thing Edmonton has done right, and better, and beyond...

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It is this enchanting offering to our Canadian Winter gods.

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