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    Jan 8, 2015

    Drake Got Another Toronto Tattoo Because He Loves Toronto So Much

    Excuse me— "the 6".

    Fact: No one reps Toronto as passionately (and as permanently) as Drizzy.

    Getty Images / Claus Andersen

    The rapper already has collected several tattoos in homage to his home city, which include area code 416 on his rib cage and the CN Tower on his bicep.

    And he's now added one more because he has serious love for his city. The fans' Twitter account shared the new ink: a unique doodle of the CN Tower on his arm.

    Twitter: @WordOnRd

    (Note: He doesn't have two CN Tower tattoos. Apparently he's covered the old CN Tower tattoo with a tattoo of an eye, and now just has the one: this one.)

    I mean... "Do it for the city because the city love it."

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