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These Drake And Meek Mill References To "Seinfeld" Are What Memes Are Made Of

♪ ♫ This is what memes are made of ♩

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If you weren't aware, there have been several Seinfeld x "Drake" references throughout episodic history.

Most notably, the 1993 episode "The Handicap Spot" that featured their friend "The Drake." The episode was mostly about the funny discourse around handicapped parking, but their pal's name "The Drake" was repeatedly punchline'd throughout.

And in an earlier episode, Jerry makes mention of "Drake's Coffee Cakes" (they're a real snack!).


The crew getting behind Drake's diss track.

new @drake track got the squad like #backtoback @seinfeld2000 #seinfeld #seinfel... (Vine by @whadatboynameis)

George playing the role of Meek.