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Dr. Luke Is Suing Kesha's Lawyer Over Those Lady Gaga Rape Tweets

Mark Geragos's comments were "maliciously false," Luke says .

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Last week, Kesha's attorney Mark Geragos publicly alleged that Dr. Luke had raped Lady Gaga on Twitter.

Guess who the rapists was?

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Guess who the rapists was?

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Now, the producer is suing Geragos for defamation and calls the statements made against him "maliciously false."

The summons asserts that Luke had never met Gaga nine years ago — when the assault allegedly took place — and that he had "never been alone with her" and had "never touched her". It also details that Luke had only met her twice "for very brief periods of time."

Luke is seeking damages in amounts that have yet been determined.

The war between Geragos and Luke's team just keeps getting uglier.