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    19 Dogs That Are Prettier Than The Views They're Looking At

    Dog bless.

    You're probably familiar with this relationshippy trend:

    It usually involves a side-by-side photo of a crush or significant other captioned with a line, like: They thought the view was pretty, but I thought they were prettier.

    It's thoughtful, I guess. Or, as teens say, "dorbs." But you know what this meme is missing?

    1. Dogs.


    3. Lately, people have been hijacking the meme...

    4. With 100% more dog.






    10. Because they truly don't know how beautiful they are.


    12. *Imagining the One Direction song sung about dogs*

    13. So, thank you...

    14. For turning...

    15. The meme...

    16. Into something...

    17. It was truly meant for.

    18. And a thank you to dogs.

    19. For being the light of our eyes.

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