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These Dogs Are Best Friends And They're Destroying The Internet's Heart

"Lottie and Grizzly have been inseparable since day one," their owner told BuzzFeed Canada.

You know why today is actually not the worst day?

Because of the existence of Lottie, the border collie, and Grizzly, the German shepherd: best friends from Sudbury, Ontario.

And they have completely shredded and melted the internet's heart to pieces.

A video posted last month of Lottie hugging her best friend Grizzly (a trick the dogs first picked up themselves, their owner told BuzzFeed Canada) has now been viewed over 23 million times and shared over half a million times.

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While Lottie is a trained show dog and Grizzly is a rescue who also picks up on tricks, their owner, Taylor Duguay, says their love and affection for each other is 100% real.

Duguay says her pups love going on adventures together, above all else.

"Even simply while we're watching TV, you can find Grizzly and Lottie grooming each other or cuddling up close for a nap."

Because as much as they are individually thrill-seeking dogs, they have a much better time when they're doing things together.

Friendship goals.