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    Some Canadians Are Losing Their Damn Minds About Beer Being Sold In Supermarkets


    Today may just be Tuesday for some of you, but for folks in Ontario, today is the day that beer will officially be allowed to be sold in grocery stores. Huzzah!

    O, no big deal? O, it's a pretty big deal. The first shelved beer at Loblaws made "Loblaws" a trending topic. #Beer soon followed.

    Now, bear in mind that sales have only rolled out in select stores, but even a taste of impending reality was enough of a buzz for all of the following to ensue:

    These are the Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstores selling beer as of today in Toronto

    A PRESS CONFERENCE — and the resulting media frenzy — held in one of the stores. the Premier of the province.

    Premier Wynne has arrived to purchase her six-pack of beer inside a Loblaws on Leslie Street.

    Announcement banners here! There! Everywhere!

    Big Announcement at #Loblaws on #Lakeshore and #Leslie today in #Ward32!!

    Is beer sold here?

    Tom Green showed up.

    I made Ontario history today with the Tom Green Beer on sale @LoblawsON with @beausallnatural Go to Loblaws today!

    People are taking selfies to commemorate the historic event.

    Lol at all the people taking selfies in front of the beer at thus Loblaws.

    Announcements and due congratulations.

    @KulasMusic Hi! It's Sue & Lou from Livonia Mi. Congratulations. Have an awesome day!

    Someone has already spilled. Kick this guy out of the party.

    The first beer has been spilled at the College Square Loblaws. Remember to contain your excitement.

    Americans saw marriage equality this year, and for Canadians, this is a day they did not think would come, either.

    I have never, ever, ever been so happy to shop at Loblaws. #FreeTheBeer

    They sell beer in Loblaws now. What a time to be alive.

    Canada now sells beer in some grocery stores #progress

    Congratulations, Canada. #BeerIsBeer.