Dear Air Canada, We Need To Talk About The State Of Your Airplane Food

    Oh, my expensive-ass flight comes with complimentary stale bread?? Thanks sooooooo much.

    TBH, airplane food can be great. Air Canada food can be great — if you are really, really wealthy or really, really lucky.

    Because for most of us plebes, enduring a long elbow-room-less flight means enduring one, or SEVERAL, of these exciting three-container-course meals.

    Where there is usually one main course of congealed mystery mush, a stale roll to help you take it down, and some after-treat-that's-been-sitting-in-a-fridge-for-too-long to help you forget.

    "I know I paid a lot for this flight already, but I'm just going to be safe and order off their special menu instead. Pizza is generally safe, right?"

    You tell us, $10 later.

    On top of the premium fares just to fly across the country, this is about all we get, eh? "Breakfast," for example:

    And factor in DELAYS — 'cause if we're flying Air Canada, we know there will be delays — and you are actually Marie Antoinette-ing us.

    "Let them eat 1,000-day-old cake!"



    I'm practically salivating.

    Can't wait to dig in.

    Run for the hills, my friends.