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    Here's Why The Price Of Cauliflower Is So Damn Expensive In Canada

    The prices of select produce have skyrocketed across the country.

    If you've gone grocery shopping recently, you may have noticed that the costs of everyday foods have dramatically increased.

    But particularly and curiously, cauliflower.

    A head of cauliflower is now being sold across national grocers for upwards of $8.

    @LoblawsON here's the other view. #notevenorganic


    What's the most expensive thing you've seen at the grocery store lately? This cauliflower is $7.99! @globalhalifax


    Welcome to Canada in 2016, where money costs nothing, oil costs less and a cauliflower costs nine dollars.


    Canada #cauliflowercrisis: 1 barrel = 2.7 cauliflowers Cauliflower head C$7.9 (w/tax) West Canada Select oil: C$21

    Well, actually, it’s because of an unfortunate culmination of a dropping Canadian dollar, oil prices, and a drought in California, which is where we get much of our fresh produce from in the Winter.

    Seriously #Zehrs ? Wow WAY too overpriced. Got it at @sobeys for half the price. Losing me as a customer @LoblawsON

    The shortage of vegetables from the drought has raised their value in American dollars. Once that price gets converted to our low Canadian dollar, the result is some very expensive cauliflower.

    According to the New York Times, the average cost for a head of cauliflower last winter was $2.50 Canadian.

    And things don't look to be turning around anytime soon. In the meantime, Canadians have been dealing with the "Cauliflower crisis" the way Canadians know best: With jokes.

    The Cauliflower: A sad, sad emblem of our economy.