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    Posted on Feb. 9, 2016

    19 Painful Memories For Students Who Had Class In Portables

    "Portable classrooms are as bright, comfortable and efficient as a —" HAHAHAHA.

    1. The Unlucky Chosen Ones:

    2. The Winter Mission:

    3. The Failed Winter Mission:

    4. The Moment You Get To Go Back To The Mothership:

    5. The Too Lazy To Put All Your Winter Stuff Back On Struggle:

    6. The Impossible:

    7. The Outside Witnesses:

    8. The Canadian Elements:

    9. The Out Of Practice/Out Of Shape:

    10. The Small Victories:

    11. Just Having To Go Use The Washroom At The Mothership:

    12. The Preparations:

    13. The Preparations II:

    14. The Inevitable:

    15. The Conundrum:

    16. The You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do:

    17. Their Problems Haha:

    18. Their Solutions Hahaha:

    19. The Most Accurate Descriptor:

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