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    14 Reasons Canadians Will Always Own At The Winter Olympics

    Contrary to some opinions.

    Hey, 'Murica, pardon us, but we won't be needlessly apologizing anymore. Because we're the best and so is curling. Go Canada.

    Jeff Vinnick / Getty

    1. Canada whooped the American World Under 18 Hockey team at the championship game in Sochi Russia.

    Artur Lebedev / AP

    2. Ski Jumping is opening a women's category this year. And guess what? Canadian women happen to be kickass jumpers.

    Dmitry Lovetsky / AP

    3. Canadian women also destroyed the U.S. in pre-Olympic Hockey last year.

    The score was 6-3.

    4. In fact, Canadian women have won the past three gold medals.

    The Canadian Press, Tom Hanson, File / AP

    Geraldine Heaney licks hers after gold medal win over the U.S. in Salt Lake City.

    5. Because hockey is kinda our thing.

    Brett Gundlock / Reuters

    6. Our Sochi hopefuls will rock new gear this year.

    7. No, seriously, we never get cold.

    8. Which gives us a great leg up.

    Mike Blake / Reuters

    Come at us, cold.

    9. Don't be mad Lays has granted us the superior chip flavor (flavour).

    10. We have Crosby, who scored the winning goal against Team USA and won us another gold in Vancouver.

    Eric Hartline/Usa Today Sports / Reuters

    11. Someone has already predicted Canada will win the most gold in 2014.

    12. Which makes sense since the predicted Team Canada roster is essentially a list of winners.

    Arur Lebedev / AP

    13. Remember when Canada garnered 26 medals on home turf in Vancouver?

    Andy Clark / Reuters

    Remember, Canada?!

    14. But we take full responsibility for this guy. And we're sincerely sorry.

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