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    We Got Canadians To Try American Poutine, And It Made Them Really Miss Home

    "I would not pay anything for this. You would have to pay me to eat this."

    Poutine is a national Canadian treasure. And since America is a hop-step away, we figured the food would be aptly adopted by our neighbours, right? RIGHT?! Well, we had expat Canadians try U.S.-made poutine for the first time to find out.

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    First up: A menu item called "Jumbo Poutine/Disco Fries."

    BuzzFeed Canada

    The initial reactions to just seeing the dish before them were pretty unanimous:

    "I remember this looking better..."

    "Very gelatinous."

    "The cheese curds are shredded!"

    And Zainab went ahead and smelled the "poutine":

    BuzzFeed Canada

    We asked our Canadians, based on what they tasted, how much they think this American restaurant is charging for it.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    Which is, like, $0.30 in USD right now.

    And then we revealed that THIS POUTINE COSTS $25 USD.

    Which is literally laughable.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    Next up: A dish one restaurant actually named "Canadian Poutine."

    BuzzFeed Canada

    "Oh, a garnish! ...I don't think poutine should have a garnish."

    Upon inspection, two major components (the ones that entirely make up what poutine even is) is missing.

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    A dish called "Canadian Poutine" without cheese curds or gravy is both a contradiction and an insult.

    This one costs $10, which is closer to what we pay. But still so unreasonably priced, and for something we can barely call poutine.

    Our final poutine comes with stacks on stacks on stacks of meat — poutine à la chunks of fatty, fatty beef cheeks. Mmmmm...

    BuzzFeed Canada

    "The meat is great!" A redeeming quality for a lack of "poutine" on this plate.

    The menu item should have more accurately called "Melted Shredded Cheese On French Fries With A Lot Of Meat."

    BuzzFeed Canada

    And it costs $18 big ones — American.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    The biggest takeaway for Canadians was just how genuinely sorry they feel for their American comrades, who think they've tasted poutine in their lives.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    And how genuinely expat Canadians miss home :'(.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    FYI, America, this is what poutine should look like, and we dare you to come up to Canada to taste what it's supposed to taste like ;-).

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