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    Canadians Are "Spocking" Their $5 Bills In Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

    Even William Shatner is touched.

    Last week, news that Leonard Nimoy — the actor who gave us Vulcan Mr. Spock — had passed was met with sadness and memorial.

    In Canada, a long-running joke is now being used to pay special tribute. Canadians are "Spocking" their $5 bills in solidarity.

    Even though "Spocking" is not a new concept, it's become a movement to pay mutual respect to their hero nerd.

    #RIPLeonardNimoy @canada #SpockYourFives

    And they're encouraging others to do the same.

    What you could do with a Canadian $5 bill today. #Spock

    I found an image of the two $5 bills I defaced and Spockified. #SpockYourFives

    Even "Wilfrid Laurier" has paid his respects on Twitter.

    Adieu to the great Leonard Nimoy. Honoured so many Canadians thought we looked alike & would "Spock" their $5 bills:

    And the collective gesture has reached and touched William Shatner, Captain Kirk and a Canadian himself.

    And the defacing of the Canadian $5 bill warms my heart

    Same, Shatner. Same.

    Live long and prosper, Nimoy.

    Bank of Canada has just issued an official statement that, while they do not encourage defacement, it's NOT illegal to "spock" the $5 notes. Spock on, Canada!