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Posted on Dec. 29, 2015

This Is The Coolest Darn Thing About Our Canadian Currency

The Canadian government DOE®.

Steve Mould is a science presenter and YouTuber who's just unmasked a Canadian currency feature that is so quantum-mechanically cool.

Apparently, built into the transparent maple leaf design on our Canadian bills is a diffraction grating technology...

Bank of Canada

That when you shine a laser light through the maple leaf...

An encoded value of the bank note can be seen projected onto a blank surface.

For the $10 Steve used, it diffracted "$10, $10" around the central laser point.

And a $20 note would be encoded with "$20, $20" and so forth. Steve says if you want to try this at home and you are sans a laser, you can even use the Christmas lights on your tree.

The technology used in our money is called WinDOE®, a diffraction optical feature that forms an image when a specific light source passes through the feature. AKA it's a hologram of-sorts. AKA Coachella-Tupac-level-type shit.

OK not exactly. But how randomly neat, eh?

You can watch Steve's entire video below.

View this video on YouTube

And let's not forget that — officially — nothing is too mundane or formal to pizzazz for the Canadian government.

Always a party.

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