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    Posted on Apr. 7, 2016

    This Is The Single Most Important Video In Canadian History

    Seven years later, we are paying proper homage to these Ice Fishing Crazy Canucks.

    If you've already seen the "Canadian Ice Fishing Crazy Canucks Insane Fisherman" video from 2009, you've definitely never forgotten about it (or, rather, Tumblr won't let you). If you haven't, we've gathered here today so you can FINALLY. PRESS. PLAY.

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    And there is every bit of a reason why it's garnered 2.6 million views and why I'm still watching it today.

    I have a lot of questions.

    First of all, our buddy has set this footage to Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry." Bewildering, but respectable. OK. Good. We've gotten that out of the way.

    Anyway, somewhere in cold desolate northern Ontario, our ~crazy Canucks~ are ice-fishing.

    We're introduced to Mike. But Mike is not here with us atm; Mike has apparently walked off to some distant location to look for fish.

    No. Actually, Mike swam there. Because here he is emerging out of their ice-fishing hole. THE HOLE BIRTHED A CANADIAN MAN.

    "There's Mike! He's back."

    And Mike is in nothing but swim trunks and a gold chain strewn around his neck.

    Now we're wondering aboat the where-a-boats of a Neil. Seen him anywhere, Mike?

    Lo and behold, Neil crawls out of the ice-hole:

    It's fine. He's dripping wet, bare-chested, in subzero temps. They're asking if he saw any fish out there.

    Meanwhile, Mike puts on a jacket. Neat idea.

    And the end-takeaway is "Hmm, maybe we need to move our ice-hole to a different spot."


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