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19 Hipster Shit In Canada That Need To Be Fucking Stopped

Sorry, but.

1. These stupid yellow crates as stool seats in Vancouver, like, what a comfy way to enjoy your meal, eh?

2. And this table at a bar made out of books that could be read.

3. A stump (PURPOSELY LEFT UNTREATED) being sold as furniture for $98 in Toronto.

4. And these bike parts that were repurposed as longhorns for an art display.

6. We need to tell this Vancouver bar that serves a Lululemon-branded "Curiosity Lager" beer that we do not have to do this.

7. Furthermore: This Montreal-brewed-and-branded beer.

8. This bicycle display next to an Indigenous heritage display at the Calgary airport.

9. These bed posts made out of fucking logs in the middle of The Bay.

10. And these plants that were given first names by a shop in Vancouver.

11. A payphone ~display~ from Vancouver that doesn't even fucking work.

12. ~Fancy~, ~vintage~, ~rustic~, ~crystal Scotch decanters~ from a ~fancy~, ~vintage~, ~rustic~ shop in Toronto.

13. And garlic cloves decorated as fucking characters for two dollars each.

14. Wooden camera toys being sold to children in Montreal.

15. "We get it." — to this Shwinn bike found in New Brunswick.

17. This $22 free-range cork block for yoga in Vancouver.

18. A Whole Foods Canada salad bar that calls it like it is.

19. And one very (understandably) bitter business in Toronto.

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