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    We Need To Talk About The Graffiti In Canada, Guys

    "FUCK THE SYSTEM." But call your mother back first.

    So. By now you must know there is a longstanding internet joke about *~Canadian graffiti~*.

    And that even our vandalism is inoffensive, and cordial, and mild-mannered. Har har har — we get it.

    But these are just lazy stereotypes and overused punchlines, right? RIGHT?!


    In a quest to find unapologetically hxc and senseless lewd graffiti to debunk this silly joke, I realized we are very much a self-prophesying meme:

    From Vancouver...

    To Saskatoon...

    Over to Winnipeg...

    And Toronto (EVEN TORONTO)...

    Et même pour le Québec! Où ils correctent le vandalisme! En français!

    Ou peut être juste a bunch of English-speaking Canadians polluting their turf with uplifting messages.

    Regardless... Sure, OK, this whole "Canadian graffiti" stereotype may be true.

    Thanks, Newfoundland.

    Twitter: @GuardianTeresa

    Thanks, P.E.I.

    Twitter: @Baron_VonBrills

    Yes, we know it's you.

    But we don't need to stunt or front: We are defacing property with a purpose. SO RESPECT, EH!

    Twitter: @JacksonMcLean

    Accept each other. Sorry about your wall.

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