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Canadians: Can You Get Through This Post Without Being Viscerally Enraged?

We hope you're on wifi opening this.

1. First, look here:

2. Look at this exchange with Rogers customer service:

3. And now this one (they're a bit long so take your time, sip some tea):

4. And this one:

5. And this one:

6. Look at this headline:

And the result:

7. Now look at this one:

8. And this one:

9. Look at this snazzy deal from Bell:

10. And look at these deal descriptors:

11. Now look at this one:

12. Here's a thing that makes a lot of sense:

13. Look at this Rogers advertisement truther:

14. Now look at this lil' rate change in fine print:

15. There's this customer review:

16. Finally, look at the Canadian cell phone monopoly. LOOK AT IT.

So how you feelin', bud? How'd you do?

You can share your results, but that'll cost you.

NOTE: Some of the images depict older cell phone plans ...not that things have gravely improved since. But to note ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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