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This Model Stunningly Transforms Herself Into Superheroes With Just Body Paint

Incredible, eh?

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Pike told BuzzFeed Canada she picked up body-painting after developing "recent health issues" that prevented her from making costumes for cosplaying.

"I've always been cosplaying, but recently I had [arthritic] health problems and I haven't been able to dress up," she said. Her arthritis made sitting at her sewing machine extremely difficult and strenuous on her back. Then, a few months ago while attending the Edmonton Comic Expo, she met a body painter who introduced her to the art form. "It's been a great way to play without the pain."

Including videos, which might throw you off at first (press play).

Instagram: @kaypikefashion

She's even paid homage to Captain Canuck! 🍁

Instagram: @kaypikefashion

Pike says each of her characters take about 10+ hours to paint.

Instagram: @kaypikefashion

Captain Planet was one of the longest projects: "That took 14 hours."

Instagram: @kaypikefashion

Twice a week, Pike hosts a livestream of her transformation on Twitch, where fans can watch her metamorphose into character before their eyes.

Instagram: @kaypikefashion

Her followers have been overwhelmingly positive, but she does get "alarming" misogynistic comments every so often. "The usual, generic comments" of the cosplay world, she says.

"I deal with it by staying positive."