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19 Times Canada Post Delivered Only Heartbreak

"Way to go, Canada Post" is their unofficial jingle.

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1. When the "expected delivery" window is anywhere from a few days to growing a full beard.

2. And when you wondered what could possibly be happening in the delivery time they give you.

Does it get passed through New Mexico before Hamilton...? Is someone walking the package over by foot...? (Would still take less time, FYI.)

3. Oh, right, because they have to scan it in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out.

And in and out and in and out and in and out. Then back in and out. Then back in, and out once more. Finally, it goes out. Then back in and out.

4. And all items have to tag-touch both coasts before arriving at any destination.

Tracking a package going from Waterloo (ON) to Prince George (BC)... Geography fail. WTF, Canada Post?

5. When one resident finally figured out why his packages kept going missing.

6. Whenever your mailbox greets you with its arms open wide.

@canadaposthelps lloydminster Alberta has the worst service always leaving mailboxes unlocked #canadapost #fail

7. And you wonder why they even issued you a key.

Good job @CanadaPostCorp. Not a mail man in sight. #CanadaPost #fail #freeMail

Don't worry about it, CP. Next time, why don't you just close your eyes and hammer-throw my mail into any open space.

8. Or your packages pre-opened. It's a novelty service, courtesy of Canada Post! Free of charge!

9. When all items must first be tossed into a ring of grizzly bears before delivery.

10. Then they're neatly lined up at the processing centre. Where golf carts are driven on top of them.

11. When someone was inspired to create a new jingle for them to the tune of The Killers' "Somebody Told Me."

12. When Canada Post figured out how to time-travel.

13. When someone else's story of trying to do good made you lose faith in doing good. :(

This story is making me rethink my loyalty to @canadaposthelps #BadCustomerService #Fail #CanadaPost

14. When words are totally obsolete.

16. And someone had to literally cut their package out.

17. Basically, every time you let your parcel go...

18. And someone has to — reluctantly — resort to not-much-better alternatives.

19. There has to be a better way. 😫😩😩