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21 Pictures That Prove That Canada Is Not A Real Country

*Squints* Not sure if global nation or really big amusement park.

1. Flying Bears

2. Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

3. Shirtless, Boxing Prime Minister

4. "Dreamy Trudeau Sweater"

5. Former Minister of Multiculturalism

6. Vancouver's Green Men

7. Santa Claus's Canadian Citizenship

8. Pet Beaver Dressed as a Bee

9. Free Ride for Sick Beaver

10. Outside Fridge

11. Miss Universe

12. Consumable Maple Syrup Snow

13. Manitoba's Polar Bear Prison

14. Washable Scratch ’n’ Sniff Currency

15. Hologram Currency

16. Black Light Passport

17. Hockey Christmas

18. Montreal's Musical Swings Bus Stop

19. Canada: What Is It...?

20. Does It Exist...?

21. And Finally, One Eyewitness Account/Confirmation: