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A Teen Tweeted An Insane Storm Of Reasons Why "Canada Is Better Than America"

And she ain't wrong, tbh.

Lesson here: Do not test 17-year-old Mackenzie when it comes to Canadian patriotism. Especially if you're an American. Especially on Twitter.

Mackenzie / Via Twitter: @capricorniall

Last month, Mackenzie, a teen from Ontario, wrote an entire dissertation in bites of 140 characters or less about why — definitively — Canada is a better country than America. She titled her first tweet...

And then went right on in:




And sensible...


In list form.

Like a damn BuzzFeed post (kudos to you, Mackenzie).

Even citing facts and statistics.

Mackenzie tells us the ~tirade~ was inspired by a group chat between her and her friends one night — all of them Canadian, except for one.

And as in most Canadian-American friendships, they debated the merits of both their countries. If you're in one, you know how heated and petty and completely and hilariously out of hand they get.

So, "as a joke towards the one American friend in our group," Mackenzie began tweeting up a storm, she told us.

And her tweets actually started getting attention.

And RTs.

And general chuckles coming from the Canadian side.

Who were like, "OK, yeah, tru."

Mackenzie said her American friend found the whole thing hilarious, but other Americans really took this personally.

"My mentions were taken over by salty Americans," she said.

"Some even DMing me and calling me a 'disgusting Canadian.'"

Twitter: @capricorniall

(Even though some of her tweets were rooted in straight hashtag-FACTS...)

Twitter: @capricorniall

(And others clearly a joke...)

But even though she says she did get "a bit of hate" from Americans online...



Totally wrong. Eh?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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