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    Bless This Couple's Hilariously Adorable Pregnancy Photo Shoot

    Blessed be this couple.

    Jessica Velez and Lewis Mohorn Jr. from Pompano Beach, Florida, are engaged and expecting their first child together.

    Bran85 Photography / Via

    To celebrate the ocassion — and Velez's pregnancy before she gives birth — they decided to do a photo shoot with the entire family.

    Bran85 Photography / Via

    The shoot was themed "#Blessed" and their photos turned out absolutely, heartwarmingly adorable.

    "When we started [the shoot], we just went with the flow," Mohorn told BuzzFeed. "Whatever happened when the photographer was shooting, that's what happened!"

    That is until Mohorn, who is a stand-up comedian, decided to take off his shirt and "goof around" midway through.

    "I'm a very goofy person," he admitted. "My family and I — we're so close and we goof around all day."

    ....And pull out his belly next to his fiancé's, giving us this fantastic shot.

    Bran85 Photography / Via

    Mohorn said he not not only wanted to support Velez, but to show people "we don't have to be insecure about our weight."

    And adds: "'Fat boys...' We show out too."

    People are loving the couple for it, with the photo being retweeted and shared tens of thousands of times.

    The couple says this is just how they are together: "It's natural!"

    And naturally and serendipitously, Mohorn informed us Velez went into labor in the middle of speaking to BuzzFeed. "I gotta go!!!" Mohorn said abruptly.

    So to the couple (on a personal note): Congratulations! How truly blessed.

    Bran85 Photography / Via

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