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    17 Things Teens Cared About Less Than Seeing Justin Bieber

    Is it too late now to say sorry for missing that midterm?

    Yesterday evening, December 7, Justin Bieber returned to Canada and played a special stripped-down acoustic show in Toronto.

    Tickets were gone in one literal blink of an eye.

    Because #PurposeInTO sold out in like 2 seconds

    So for Beliebers who nabbed one, the stakes were high: Fans began lining up and camping outside Toronto's Danforth Music Hall a day —if not days — before.

    While teens waited into the evening...

    1. We asked them what time they arrived...

    2. ...and what they were supposed to be doing.


    4. Most Beliebers got in line in the early morning hours on the day of the show.

    5. And skipped school and assignments.



    8. But as we moved up the line, the times got earlier...


    10. And earlier...


    12. And the stakes got higher...

    13. And higher...

    14. And Beliebers proved more and more devout: 18 hours before the show. 15% off her class grade.

    15. 18 hours before the show. A missed midterm.

    16. 22 hours before the show. Ditched the hotel reservation.

    17. 24 hours before the show. Sleep.