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    Posted on Sep. 22, 2015

    21 Weird Reports Coming From British Columbia And We Are Very Concerned

    According to @ScanBC's radio scans.

    1. Something's been happening in the good province of British Columbia as of late.

    #Victoria police are responding to Starbucks for reports of a male masturbating on the couch.

    2. Just in the past week or so, there have been multiple reports of WTF.

    Police in #Esquimalt are responding to 1100 Esquimalt Rd for reports of a male walking in traffic shaking his fists at vehicles.

    3. And we are all a bit confused.

    #Vancouver Police are responding to Adanac Community Garden for reports that a male is picking tomato's that are not his.

    4. Is everything OK that way ⬅ of the country? Because an adult man allegedly got stuck in a tree.

    #Langley Fire is responding to assist #RCMP at 27100 31 Ave with a drunk male who climbed up a tree and cant get back down.

    5. And a grown woman in a booth.

    #Burnaby Fire is responding to the White Spot at 5550 Kingsway for reports of a female who is stuck in a booth.

    6. Is there something in that crisp, very sustainable draft water out there?

    #Surrey #RCMP are responding to 152 & Colebrook Rd for reports of a male wearing a motorcycle helmet making snow angels in the dirt.

    7. Did, like, a bunch of yoga studios close?

    #Vancouver Police are responding to Granville St & W 11th Ave for a report of a male taking off his clothes in front of the Fire Station.

    8. Two drunk-men-stucking-themselves-in-tree calls were made in one week!!

    #Langley Fire is responding to assist #RCMP at 27100 31 Ave with a drunk male who climbed up a tree and cant get back down.

    That's two too many for anyone who's wondering.

    9. And one man (possibly the same guy) trying to get sex on a beach.

    #Vancouver Police are responding to English Bay for a report of an extremely intoxicated male trying to pick up girls on the beach.

    That's one too many, if you're still keeping count.

    'Cause B.C. usually rouses feelings and images of — idk— an earthy and zenlike and renewable utopia. *breathes in pure B.C. air, becomes yoga pants*

    Creative Commons / Flickr: luke-photography

    10. But what we're really missing from the picture is a man walking around beautiful Victoria in a hospital gown like a zombie.

    #Victoria police are heading to the area of Fort St & Cook St for reports of a male walking around in a hospital gown acting like a zombie.

    11. And a lady shaking her python at you.

    #Vancouver downtown patrol constable has intervened with a female wielding a python snake causing a disturbance.

    12. On one hand, the rest of the country can completely sympathize.

    #Vancouver PD attending to a road rage. Driver swung a bucket at a pedestrian whose dog had just pooped and the owner didn't pick it up

    13. But on the much more concerned other hand, what is going on???

    #Coquitlam crews are on Sydney Ave after a male was thrown off a 3 story balcony. PD say on arrival male is conscious & smoking a cigarette

    14. Is there, like, a seriously concentrated retrogradation taking place there, or is this pretty commonday stuff for B.C.?

    #Surrey #RCMP are responding to a house for report that a 14 y/o male broke his parents TV after they took away his pot pipe.

    15. .........mmmmmmmmmyeah, it's just B.C.

    #WhiteRock #RCMP are heading to a residence after a male called 911 and told the dispatcher he didnt know why he called but he has Marijuana

    16. Yup.

    #Vancouver PD are responding to Tisdall Park for reports that a male doing Tai Chi kicked another male in the face for smoking in the park

    17. Yup.

    #Victoria police is responding to Centennial Square after someone strung a hammock up between two trees and is refusing to take it down.

    18. B.C.: Breathtakingly Cray.

    Twitter: @ScanBC

    "#RCMP in #ViewRoyal are responding to #BCHwy1 & Helmcken Rd for reports of two cars stopped on the side of the highway feeding bunnies."

    19. We love you, but look at your lives, look at your choices.

    #Surrey #RCMP are responding to the McDonald's at 76 Ave & King George for reports of a male who tossed all the cookies on the floor.

    20. Do you even know who you're sharing an impeccably-mowed, perfectly-maintained lawn with?

    #Vancouver Police are responding to a residence. Caller reports people he doesn't know are jumping on his trampoline.

    21. Amid the chaos, there was one provincial resource put to good use. Thank you fire department.

    #Victoria fire crews have removed the batteries from a dying clock radio after the homeowner reported an alarm activation in their apartment

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