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    The Azealia Banks Album Is Real And You Can Listen To It Now

    Also real? God, apparently.

    "FINALLY" — all of us.

    After all the drama surrounding the album, drama delaying the album, and drama diverting from the album, Azealia Banks' debut record Broke With Expensive Taste (which we should remind you was slated for a 2012 release) is FINALLY HERE.

    And because we live in a lawless, post-Beyoncé world, it dropped with no forewarning, prior memo, anticipation, nothing. It just did. Straight to iTunes. The rapper shared the announcement with a single tweet, and the mythological album suddenly became a real and tangible thing.

    Voila!!!! Here it is... "Broke With Expensive Taste!" ... Enjoy!

    Of course, her fans were caught alltheway off-guard. The responses were an instant melange of "OMG" and "YASSS" and "QUEEN".



    Most people still can't believe it. But it's really real! Like, you-can-acquire-the-album-right-now real.

    Hell has indeed frozen over. Azealia Banks has an album out.

    What a world we live in.