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19 Times Canadians Were Condescending To Americans About Winter

A snowball fight between two neighbours.

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1. "Chill out":

Helpful Canadian tips for snow-bound Americans: - just chill out - have a beer - lots of games on tonight

2. The scale:

Use Canadian Tweets to determine Winter Weather101 - Teasing Americans = Snow - Bitch'n = A lot of Snow - Posting Pics of it = Blizzard

3. Driving:

4. An example:

5. Celsius:

The only time Americans use Celsius is on snapchat when they want to show people it's cold.

6. 1 centimetre:

7. You called?:

Americans: Snow is everywhere. The blizzard of 2016 is insane. Canadians: 'Sup?!

8. Spring:

Some of the Americans are calling the blizzard they're having Snowmageddon. We Canadians call it spring.

9. Flurries:

The Americans call it a blizzard Canadians call it snow flurries

10. Raining polar bears:

Americans. -1 inch of snow = snowday. Canadians.-4 ft of snow + freezing rain + raining polar bears = a safe driving warning.

11. Differences:

Americans in winter vs. Canadians in winter

12. No:

My reaction when Americans think that 2 feet of snow is a lot

13. Ya pricks:


14. Blame Urban Outfitters:

As a Canadian, it never makes any sense to me when I see (usually) Americans wearing toques when it isn't winter time or cold out.

15. *Guilty*:

To Americans Complaining About A Little Winter, Here’s What Happened In Canada Last Night

16. That's cute:

When Americans on twitter complain that there's too much snow. That's cute. There's 6 feet in my front yard

17. So cute:

It's so cute how Americans complain about how winter needs to be over after one storm. *Canadians....probably.

18. Molded:

“@JustSomeRndmGuy: How I feel Canadians feel when Americans complain about the snow ” True story.

19. And when Americans mock us right back:

OmG wE r sO cAnAdiAn wE gEt sNoW eVeRyDAy oF tHe yEaR LoL SiLlY aMeRiCaNs aLsO hOcKeY iS oUr SpOrT

Hey, that's not very nice! Quit it!