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17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts Asian People Will Connect To Spiritually

Stupidly brilliant.

1. Mom's Conditioned To Bargains:

2. Splash Of Soy Sauce:

3. Crackle Crackle Pass:

4. India Vs. Everybody:

5. Still Asian:

6. o_O No:

7. Still Asian:

8. The Logic:

9. *Bows Head At Outback Steakhouse*:

10. Butt Of The Joke:

11. About That "Ching Chong" Thing:

12. Real Parental Control:

13. Real Grading Scale:

14. Passions:

15. Pop:

16. Representation:

17. Confusion:

18. And Sit Down, Children, It's Storytime:

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