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60,000 People Applied To Be Waka Flocka's Blunt Roller

It's a competitive field.

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In September, Waka Flocka put up a job listing on Instagram to fill a prestigious position: personal blunt roller.

The rapper asked any qualified applicants to post a video or photo showcasing their rolling skills and tag it with the #ICanRoll hashtag. The position pays $50,000 a year and opportunities to travel. Maybe even stock options.

Since then, applications have been rolling (and rolling, and rolling) in.

Just how many? Waka says he's gotten 60,000 APPLICATIONS SO FAR.

"We going through the papers right now — 60,000," he recently told TMZ. "60,000 résumés."

He also explained just how competitive some of the aspiring weed assistants have gotten: "You know people are literally cursing me out, like, 'How the fuck you gonna offer people jobs, you know I'm the right motherfucker!'"

SIXTY. THOUSAND. Let's pause on that number for a second.

The average number of applicants for any given job is about 118. At 1/60,000, applicants to become Waka's blunt roller have better odds of...

• Getting into Harvard.

• Getting struck by lightning.

• Getting eaten by a shark.

But hey, no one said the American dream was easy. Good luck to all of the applicants!

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