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Was There A Moment When You Felt Truly Canadian?

And what does being "truly Canadian" mean to you?

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Sure, there's a roster of spirited Canadian stereotypes that may or may not apply to you—

But everyone's relationship to Canada, and being Canadian, is extraordinarily unique.

KKSA: grade 6 Social Studies brainstorm on "what being Canadian or living in Canada means to me"

And that's probably what's most Canadian of all.

Maybe to you it means being officially received as a citizen, and your story of immigration.


Or being proud of, or a part of, an inclusive culture.

Or you're unabashedly Canadian like "I genuinely love maple syrup and I follow hockey SO SUE ME."

Whatever Canadian means to you: Was there a memorable or singular moment when you felt proudly patriotic?

Share with us your Canadian anecdote or story (or photos!) in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed post!