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A "Dream Job" Listing Is Paying Two People $20,000 To Travel Across Canada

If getting paid to travel is your thing.

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Woods Canada, an outdoors equipment company, is looking to pay two people each $20K to travel across Canada and have "an adventure of a lifetime."

The position is officially titled "Explorer."

The position is officially titled "Explorer."

They've advertised it as The Ultimate Canadian Dream Job.

And the responsibilities are, essentially, to document the great, jaw-dropping Canadian outdoors every step of the way.

Starting May 12, the job spans for five months and requires the Explorer to file "engaging photographs, video footage and journal keeping" that are "true to the Woods brand."

All travel and lodging costs will also be covered by the company, along with a per diem of $300 per week per person.

The job description states that the employees will be working six days a week — even though the allotment of "work" hours is unclear.

Some skills required of the ideal candidate: climbing, paddling, camping.

Other more conventional job skills are proficiencies in photography, videography and content production, previous coaching/managing/counseling experience, a knack for social media, and someone who "doesn't mind be[ing] isolated in the great outdoors for a few weeks at a time."

If getting paid to travel is kinda, like, your thing, you'll have to submit a 60-second video by April 17.

Canada: It's all right.

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