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A Veteran Had The Most Heartwarming Response To A Little Girl's Question

"Your grandpa is a badass. That is all."

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A day after Canada celebrated Remembrance Day, a Calgary native posted an image to Reddit of his veteran grandfather, adorned in his military honours, during a visit to an elementary school.

He wrote: "My veteran grandpa was asked by a little girl if he would do it all again. He said, 'Yes, for you.'"

Steven Pridgen /


The grandson Steven Pridgen told BuzzFeed Canada that the photo was taken by his cousin Allison after she invited him to their local elementary school in Red Deer, Alberta.

After the candid moment quickly topped Reddit and Imgur, Steven took the opportunity to talk about his grandfather's service in the Canadian military:

A bit of context: My grandpa served in the Canadian military in WW2 and was stationed in Hong Kong where he was captured on Christmas Day 1941. He was held as a POW until he was rescued by American soldiers at the end of the war. He witnessed several friends die, suffered physical illness, and almost died from being transported in a hell ship to a Japanese camp.

And when users accused him of faking the photo, he said his grandfather has been giving this answer to children for some time. "That's just the guy he is," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

Stephen Pridgen

"I can vouch for him, as he gets asked this question [by children], and often answers the exact same way," he said. "That's just the guy he his. He's the kindest and the most generous guy I know."


The single photo has now inspired others to share the stories of their grandparents' services.