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    A Canadian Guy Built The Coziest Home Out Of Shipping Containers And He Has No Bills

    Simple living, eh?

    A guy from Ottawa has just built the most cost-and-energy-efficient dream home — entirely out of old shipping containers he purchased for $3,400 each.

    Builder Joseph Dupuis works at Algonquin College in Ottawa as a researcher on renewable energy, fittingly. He told BuzzFeed Canada you could essentially disassemble his home and move it on a truck.

    Shipping container homes aren't a new innovation, but his dream cabin in the woods is entirely self-sustainable and portable.

    Oh yeah, and there are virtually no bills attached to the place. Dupuis' highest monthly expenditure is his phone payment.

    The home is completely outfitted with a heating and cooling system, and nearby solar panels power it year-round.

    In fact, the home can comfortably withstand the most brutal Canadian winters.

    Dupuis has lived there for two years, but recently listed the home for sale for $58,000 CAD, plus shipping costs.

    He told BuzzFeed Canada that he thinks anyone could adopt a more "simple living" and be able to live off the grid.