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    A Canadian Guy Built The Coziest Home Out Of Shipping Containers And He Has No Bills

    Simple living, eh?

    A guy from Ottawa has just built the most cost-and-energy-efficient dream home — entirely out of old shipping containers he purchased for $3,400 each.

    Japhet Alvarez / Via Facebook: s7vnth


    Japhet Alvarez / Via Facebook: s7vnth


    Builder Joseph Dupuis works at Algonquin College in Ottawa as a researcher on renewable energy, fittingly. He told BuzzFeed Canada you could essentially disassemble his home and move it on a truck.

    Shipping container homes aren't a new innovation, but his dream cabin in the woods is entirely self-sustainable and portable.

    Oh yeah, and there are virtually no bills attached to the place. Dupuis' highest monthly expenditure is his phone payment.

    Japhet Alvarez / Via Facebook: s7vnth

    The home is completely outfitted with a heating and cooling system, and nearby solar panels power it year-round.

    Japhet Alvarez / Via Facebook: s7vnth

    There's even a standing shower. There's no water supply directly attached to the home, but he'll borrow his neighbor's, which he'll flow into the house from a holding chamber.

    In fact, the home can comfortably withstand the most brutal Canadian winters.

    Up to -42 degree Celsius temps.

    Dupuis has lived there for two years, but recently listed the home for sale for $58,000 CAD, plus shipping costs.

    Japhet Alvarez / Via Facebook: s7vnth

    With the shipping costs, if a buyer wanted the home in, say, New Mexico, Dupuis could get it there.

    He told BuzzFeed Canada that he thinks anyone could adopt a more "simple living" and be able to live off the grid.

    Japhet Alvarez / Via Facebook: s7vnth

    Joseph's currently collaborating with schools in his area to equip young people with the knowledge and tools to build eco-friendly and self-sustainable dwellings themselves, but he believes anyone who wants to simplify their lifestyle, could.

    "It's very, very simple living," he said. "Take out the utilities and's about community. That's the most important thing to me."

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