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    15 Important Reasons Why Canadian Thanksgiving Is Better

    Happy turkey day, Canada!

    1. It's still beautiful fall harvest weather outside AS IT SHOULD BE.

    2. Which makes attending multiple dinners that much more pleasant.


    3. We have all the good stuff about American Thanksgiving, like candied sweet potatoes.

    4. But you can also have dim sum in lieu of turkey.

    5. It's earlier, erego it's just better.

    6. It's not too close to Christmas, which means your esophagus can take a much needed break.


    7. And you can take a longer, much needed break from your family.


    8. So when Americans get around to posting about Thanksgiving, you're all like "been there, done that."


    9. You don't have midterms around this time so you can properly eat, sleep, repeat.

    10. Each year is dedicated to a different glorious reason why we celebrate.

    11. For the Québécois, there's no pressure to celebrate, which means more businesses stay open.

    12. You don't have to wake up at ungodly hours to participate in Black Friday with your parents.

    13. Canada does the Thanksgiving football thing, too.

    14. A maple something will usually find its way on the table.

    15. And most importantly, you're simply celebrating the good ol' harvest, not Native American guilt.

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    Sorry, just callin' it like it is.