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    30 Incredibly Mouth-Watering Cookies, Cakes And Desserts To Have On Your Table For Eid

    Celebrate Eid with family and friends by sharing these delicious cookies, cakes and desserts from foodies around the world.

    1. Spice Eid Cookie

    Lail S Hossain / Via

    These fabulous Eid cookies adds warmth and happiness to your Eid celebration.

    2. Maamoul (date stuffed cookies)

    Sawsan Abu Farha / Via

    The best date cookies are these made with flour that is scented with orange blossom water and rosewater and a touch of anise seeds.

    3. Nan Khatai

    Asiya Khan-Baig / Via

    Buttery and Crispy sugar cookies

    4. Kahk

    Amira Ibrahim / Via

    Eid cookies with pistachios and honey

    5. Sticky date brown sugar macarons

    Faaiza Elias Osman / Via

    A wonderful way to use leftover dates from Ramadan

    6. Lancashire Eid cookies

    Amira Ibrahim / Via

    Buttery bite sized cookies are a firm favorite in Egypt via Lancashire.

    7. Chocofill cookies

    Nusrath Jahan / Via

    Cookies filled with chocolate

    8. Coconut Moong Dal Halwa Truffle

    Habeeba Nisa / Via

    Delicious coconut truffle / ladoo flavored with cardamom

    9. Baklava Cheesecake with crunchy base

    Faaiza Elias Osman / Via

    Irresistable baklava cheesecake with a nutty, crunchy base and decadent creamy filling.

    10. Rose Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ganache

    Razena Schroeder / Via

    Buttery cupcakes are given a new life scented with rose water and topped with a rose flavored white chocolate ganache.

    11. Pistachio Cake with Mohallabieh Cream

    Sadia Mohamed Fadal / Via

    A flourless pistachio cake with a thick and fragrant mohallabieh cream oozing from the centre.

    12. Best Baklava Ever

    Rubbina Siddiq / Via

    Layered sheets of pastry filled with cinnamon, nuts and topped with a golden syrup!

    13. Chocolate Cake with Ganache

    Razena Schroeder / Via

    Moist and delicious chocolate cake or cupcakes perfect for any occasion with fudgy chocolatey ganache.

    14. Baklava Cheesecake

    Asiya Khan-Baig / Via

    Delectable cheesecake cloaked in baklava.

    15. Molten Lava Basbousa - Semolina cake

    Sadia Mohamed Fadal / Via

    Try this Basbousa, a middle eastern semolina cake with molten lava like chocolate ganache flowing from the center.

    16. Delightful Baklava Cheesecake

    Rubbina Siddiq / Via

    The decadent, creamy texture of cheesecake pairs with the rich, delicate flavors of cinnamon, honey, walnuts, and butter.

    17. Puran Samosa - Samosa ke Halwa

    Farheen Banu / Via

    Melt in the mouth halwa encased in crispy samosa pastry

    18. Gulab Jamun

    Nazneen Sharif-Hamilton / Via

    Indian donuts in cardamom syrup

    19. Saffron Semolina Halva - Zafrani Suji Halwa

    Lail S Hossain / Via

    Delicious semolina halva a.k.a sooji halwa gets a make over with saffron and rose water.

    20. Arabic knafeh

    Sawsan Abu Farha / Via

    Arabic knafeh (or Gazan knafeh) is rich and rustic and is filled with walnuts and spices and flavored with orange blossom water .

    21. Muhallabia Amardeen Pudding

    Famidha Ashraf / Via

    Milk and Apricot Fruit Leather Pudding

    22. Layli Lubnan

    Nazneen Sharif Hamilton / Via

    A cold semolina pudding topped with orange blossom scented cream, fresh fruit or nuts and drizzled with syrup

    23. Kunafa

    Fajeeda Ashik / Via

    Dessert made with shredded phyllo dough and cheese and soaked in sugar syrup

    24. Sheer Khurma

    Fareeha Ahmed / Via

    Quick vermicelli pudding with roasted nuts and raisins.

    25. Ras Malai

    Huma Kalim / Via

    Deliciously tasty saffron flavored soft cheese balls in cardamom flavored milk

    26. Pineapple Sago Kheer - Kaithachakka Chawwari Payasam

    Rafeeda AR / Via

    A delicious and tangy pineapple sago pudding made with coconut milk and flavored with cardamom.

    27. Kiwami Sewaiya - Vermicelli pudding

    Preeti Alam / Via

    Vermicelli pudding flavored with saffron, cardamom and cloves and studded with nuts.

    28. Mango Saffron pudding

    Lubna Karim / Via

    Mango and saffron are perfect match made in gastronomical heaven.

    29. White chocolate cups with strawberry

    Nusrath Jahan / Via

    White chocolate with strawberry crème bavarois

    30. Stewed Apricot Pudding - Qubani ka Meetha

    Lubna Karim / Via

    Sweet and tangy stewed dried apricots to serve with custard or ice cream.