Defeating The Weird Side Of YouTube

We can overcome the Weird Side as long as we work together (and avoid these terrifyingly weird youtube videos at all cost).

1. Avoid any and all “biggest pimple” claims. Just do it.

They’re all pretty big, they’re all pretty ugly.

2. Whatever you do, DON’T watch this.

Seriously, u r majorly f***ed up if u watch this!!!!! (Our fav part: 5:35 - 5:40)

3. Please never watch anything with “Human Milking” in the title.

Why am I not surprised, Japan?

4. You’re a demon if you ever watch anything with spiders/any type of bug ever.

Straight out of a GD Harry Potter movie.

5. Some things are better left unknown.

6. Would you want that playing when your mother walked in?

(If not, best to avoid. Like this video.)

7. Avoid children-themed anythings.

This literally aired and was watched by literal children. Literally SO SCARY.

8. Please never watch anything about “Masking.” We’re begging.

Trust us, you do NOT want to know what this weird stuff is about (but here’s a website if you do:!

9. This. Is. Not. Even. An. Option.

You click, you die. Jus’ sayin’……

10. Watching this will make you dead. So don’t.

help. 911.

11. And lastly…

If a video ever talks about Princesses dying, then stop right where you are, scream “NO, YOU BASTARDS” as loud as possible, and light your laptop on fire.

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