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The 12 Most Frustrating Things About Playing Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is upon us, and while you may have that giddy night-before-Christmas feeling, let's not forget how frustrating it can get.

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1. Benching a player who ends up having a career-high game.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Doug Martin has HOW MANY POINTS?

2. Having to rely on one player to carry your team.

Warner Bros. / Via

“I’m a 50 point underdog. Peyton, you got this, right?”

3. Collecting money from your flaky league members.

Funny or Die /

The worst. Luckily, partnered with ESPN this month to make collecting league dues a Brees (pun INTENDED).

4. One of your star players gets injured (or arrested).

Universal Television / Via

Gronkowski breaks his arm blocking for an extra point with five mins left in the game…makes sense.

5. Realizing you forgot to set your lineup and don’t have your phone.

Disney / Via

6. That league member who sends you 25 texts about a proposed trade.

Fox / Via

No, you cannot have Adrian Peterson.

7. Joining the obligatory, expensive work league that you never win because you don’t care enough.

MGM / Via

Just take it, you hyenas.

8. Your league commissioner allowing a clearly unfair trade…

NBC / Via

9. Knowing your team is vastly outmatched this week.

Paramount Pictures / Via

At some point, it’s bound to happen.

10. When the guy who auto-drafts and never sets his lineup ends up making the playoffs and you don’t.

CBS / Via

Well, it’s not like I spent hours of my life managing my team or anything.

11. Being comfortably ahead in points when going to bed, waking up to see you’ve lost.

Fox / Via

Damn you, Seahawks defense!

12. Monitoring a player’s ‘questionable’ status up until kickoff.

KFOR / Via

How bad can an ankle injury really be?

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