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  • 24 Amazing Photographs By Children Living With Cancer

    By hosting both extended and immersive workshops, summer camps, mentorships, group classes, and more, Pablove Shutterbugs encourages children living with cancer to focus on their own creativity, not just their illnesses. The kids of Pablove Shutterbugs get their own camera equipment, which is theirs to keep after they complete the program. So far, participants include 150 pediatric cancer patients. Thanks to the Pablove Foundation (which Jeff Castelaz and Jo Ann Thrailkill co-founded in 2009 after losing their son Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz to a bilateral Wilms Tumor), we have the awe-inspiring work below.

  • 6 Classical Paintings In A Black Light (Literally)

    Old Masters are so pre-19th Century. Brilliant artist Kehinde Wiley first gave traditional paintings a fresh new look for an art series that turned into a book with the same name: Black Light. Here, Wiley’s paintings are juxtaposed side-by-side with the originals, effectively transcending mere parody by addressing issues of cultural heritage and identity in a way that’s both amusing and thought-provoking. Basically, you can be smart and think these are funny.

  • 10 Best Alleys in Los Angeles

    From Palms and Mid-City to Chinatown and Little Tokyo, Los Angeles alleyways unveil the hidden beauty of the back lanes and passageways of the City of Angels. Jeremy Oberstein combs the web for pictures of the backstreets of LA, compiling them all into his photography blog, LosAngelesAlleys.com. Here are Oberstein’s ten favorite images, with his own insights as well as insights from the photographers themselves.

  • A History Of American Desserts

    From banana splits and Eskimo pie to cake kits, ambrosia, and bacon-laced cupcakes, American society has always craved something to satisfy its ever-present sweet tooth. But what defines our taste in desserts? Cleverly packaged free “recipe books” published by companies like Pillsbury and Del Monte, for starters. While ingredients come from a brand level, recipes have always belonged to the consumers. From 1900 through the present day, Americans have been as much seduced by homemade, labor-intensive creations as they have by the much less time-consuming candy bar, and more often than not, the categories overlap. Here are just a few highlights of the most popular desserts of the last eleven decades.

  • Why The U.S. Should Be More Like Taiwan

    Taiwan is a great place to visit if you’re itching to get away from home, provided your home isn’t Taiwan. In the Republic of China aka ROC (!) aka Taiwan, travelers have the opportunity to become acquainted with a host of customs they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Here are a few examples, and with any luck, some of these traditions just might make their way out west, too.

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