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6 Women Talk About What Wearing A Hijab Means To Them

"I'm more than just a woman in a scarf."

Muslim women who choose to wear a hjiab take pride in expressing their faith by donning a scarf, even in the face of unwarranted attention. So we spoke to 6 hijabi women from across the globe to get their perspectives on what the hijab means to them.

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Many were tired of constantly being mistaken for other iconic Muslim women.

Others wished that people would hold off on making assumptions about their religion.

The majority of hijabi women are not accurately represented in the media...

...And are constantly asked to justify why they make the choice to wear a hijab.

Many people inaccurately assume that hijabi women are immigrants or new to the United States...

...And they constantly feel pressured to prove themselves.

The truth is, there is so much more to these women.

Many feel afraid just walking down the street because of their choice to wear a hijab.

Or they feel the need to constantly prove they aren't a threat.

But no matter what country you reside in, you should feel safe in your own home.