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    10 Insanely Beautiful Christmas Cakes That Won 2016

    Warning! Hangry People Stay Away!

    1. Silver. Sparkles. Everywhere.

    2. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

    3. Technically not even a cake. But exceptions can be made for this oozing chocolate tree.

    4. Is it sad that those lashes are nicer than mine?

    5. Lets all take a moment to appreciate that *delicate* coating of sugary goodness.

    6. Christmas Tree Round 2. But you know, the classy and sophisticated version.

    7. Yes, the reindeer eyes are saying "DO NOT EAT ME".

    8. Is it sad that the gingerbread house is nicer than yours? Yes, yes it is.

    10. Christmas Unicorn. Yes, its real. CHRISTMAS. UNICORN.