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    Grad School: Expectation Vs. Reality

    Because no one wants to leave college.

    So you finished your undergrad years and got a degree (no matter how useless it is). What now? You decided to go to grad school instead of getting a real job. You rationalized that you NEED at least a Master's degree to get a good job (but really, you just didn't wanna leave college).

    Smaller classes, learning about what you're really passionate about, and being one step closer to your career goal. So grad school should be fun, right?

    Maybe not...

    Classes: Expectation / Via

    It's your first day of grad school. You're sitting in class and super excited!

    Classes: Reality

    What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On.

    You're confused as hell and have no idea what the professor is talking about.

    New Friends: Expectation

    You're so excited to meet new friends who also love doing what you love.

    New Friends: Reality

    You hate everyone in your cohort. Everyone is so fucking competitive. It's like the Hunger Games!

    Teaching: Expectation

    You look forward to teach. In fact, you're really excited to teach. Couldn't wait to pass along your knowledge! Kids love you!

    Teaching: Reality

    OMFG. Why are these freshmen so dumb!!? Like, dumber than Karen Smith asking how to spell the word "orange".

    Research: Expectation

    You can't wait to start working in a lab. You love research. Lab work is your thing. Science is your bitch!

    Research: Reality

    More like, you're science's bitch. HOW COME NOTHING WORKS!!? WHO THE FUCK WROTE THIS PROTOCOL!??!

    Free Time: Expectation

    You're sure you'll have some free time to chill on the couch and watch Netflix with a nice bottle of wine.

    Free Time: Reality

    What's free time? Because you need to catch up on your reading assignments. So. Many.

    Weekend: Expectation

    It's the weekend! Now you can catch up on your sleep!

    Weekend: Reality

    Sleep? What's that? Still studying.

    But you will suffer through these tough years because at the end of the day, you really love what you do. And it will be worth it in the end...