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Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts creative, short and intense.

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Crossfit gives a fighting chance to any exercise resolution.
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Crossfit gives a fighting chance to any exercise resolution.


When anyone starts working out to achieve a level of fitness, the same problems come up to make the effort short lived. This is common in ordinary everyday lives, for those of us who are not professional athletes, have jobs, families and limited amounts of time in our day.

An admirable and ambitious commitment has been made to getting in shape, but all too often, we may not know exactly how to go about it, cannot afford the expense of a personal trainer, and lose interest by spending hours in a gym with mediocre results. Worse yet, injuries occur from lack of proper technique.

Cross Fit eliminates a lot of the guesswork, the repetitiveness that may lead to boredom and frustration at not seeing results, injury, and time constraints. How many of us have spent too much time in the gym and don't see progress reflected in weight, muscle tone, endurance and strength?

Ultimately, all of the above causes us to taper off our exercise regime to nothing.

So, how does Cross Fit overcome these problems and keep us in the game?

TIME. You're in the gym for an hour, an intense hour, and THAT'S IT.

THE WOD. Workout Of the Day. Everyday is different, each WOD incorporates hundreds of different movements, to include a diversified, well rounded, workout throughout the week.

SUPERVISION. Cross fit instructors are certified and trained to help you achieve the proper form for each lift and movement. This eliminates possible injuries and allows a trainer to scale a WOD for each individual's level of fitness.

THE GROUP. The atmosphere gives the right amount of push and support needed to get to those levels where actual results happen.

SCALED. In one class, individuals with a variety of fitness levels can all meet their goals, get good workout, and each helps the other with support and encouragement.

RESULTS. After every WOD, the numbers of rounds, reps, and weight are totaled and recorded. Watching your numbers improve throughout the month shows progress. Mentally, this is a great motivator to set small goals and reach them regularly. Not only that, look in the mirror, and check it out! You'll see your hard work pay off, not to mention higher energy, less body aches, better sleep and a better body overall. This is not usually a competitive atmosphere in any sense of the word. Everyone is there to help each other get the WOD done. This doesn't mean two members won't end up with a little healthy competition between each other, but that spirit never reaches the level of becoming destructive to any other member.

Cross Fit gyms are everywhere, boxes can always be found in your town, and the scheduling suits the early morning people and the after work people. Not only that, prices are reasonable for getting the best of both worlds. The supervision is there without the expense of a personal trainer, and the group effort which gives the extra push to those levels where results happen.

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