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20 Signs You Grew Up As A Child Of Asian Immigrants

Talking 'bout my first generations

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1. You missed out on things that your friends grew up with


Things like Christmas crackers, Scrabble, recycling, the book Where the Wild Things Are, college funds, or studying abroad are all things you discover much later.

7. But you are thankful for the resourceful tips they've taught you

#GrowingUpAsian Your family uses the dishwasher as storage

You've learned to transform empty yogurt containers to Tupperware, you utilize the dishwasher as a cupboard, and you always carry a snack, just in case. Thanks, mom and dad.

11. A few times each year you have to talk on the phone to your grandparents who live overseas


Maybe you're not very close or maybe you've never met, but you do it because you know it makes your parents happy.

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