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20 Signs You Grew Up As A Child Of Asian Immigrants

Talking 'bout my first generations

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1. You missed out on things that your friends grew up with


Things like Christmas crackers, Scrabble, recycling, the book Where the Wild Things Are, college funds, or studying abroad are all things you discover much later.

2. You never had an allowance nor were you ever grounded


You would often just do what your parents told you to do with no consequence or reward.

3. Your friends want to hear you speak your 'language'


4. Meanwhile your parents blame you for not speaking it enough

5. You strive to make your parents happy


Because they rerooted their entire life to improve yours and so you want to do the best that you can.

6. Your parents are not your friends


No matter what age you are there are certain things you won't tell them or certain activities you will not do with them for the reason that they are your parents.

7. But you are thankful for the resourceful tips they've taught you

#GrowingUpAsian Your family uses the dishwasher as storage

Via Twitter: @EsaFung

You've learned to transform empty yogurt containers to Tupperware, you utilize the dishwasher as a cupboard, and you always carry a snack, just in case. Thanks, mom and dad.

8. You've learned to take anything and everything that is free


This plastic cutlery? A sample at the store? These mini shampoos? An umbrella in exchange for my email address? Yes please.

9. Your parents get mad at you for buying them gifts


You might see it as a gesture to show you love them but they see it as a waste of money.

10. You're too embarrassed to invite your friends over


And let them see the living room decor or have my parents try to feed them traditional cuisine? No thanks.

11. A few times each year you have to talk on the phone to your grandparents who live overseas


Maybe you're not very close or maybe you've never met, but you do it because you know it makes your parents happy.

12. You can quickly and easily switch between cultures


If you're with your friends and your parents call you can easily switch languages, manners, or even personalities with no hesitation.

13. People won't accept it when you tell them you were born here


"But where are you really from?"

14. Sometimes you don't want to eat with a fork and knife


Whether your preference is a fork and spoon, chopsticks, or your hands, any other option is a waste of time.

15. When you're dating someone who is not of the same ethinicity as you it's a really big deal


It becomes a significant part of their identity to your entire family.

16. Mulan is your favorite Disney princess because she is the only one who somewhat resembles you


Maybe they can change the lyrics to, "when will my reflection be represented in media?"

17. The rice cooker was the most used appliance in the house


Because a meal wasn't a meal without rice.

18. You probably took piano or violin lessons at one point in your life


19. It's really exciting to meet someone who is also a first generation of Asian descent


Because they just get it.

20. In the end, your experience has shaped you to become the wonderful and wacky person you are

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